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My name is Denise. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Instructor & International Retreat Leader!

I work with spiritual women that suffer from chronic anxiety and fear, which leads to sabotage of their dreams and goals. 

I help them beat anxiety, embody their highest self and drop into emotional freedom.

So they can experience mental peace, live in energetic alignment and SLAY their goals with unshakable confidence! 

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I teach ancient wisdom in a modern way!

I am a visionary and I am the owner of this spiritual wellness company, Sage Secrets Inc.

Within the past 15 years I’ve traveled all over the world to learn many different forms of healing & spiritual modalities. 

I am a certified yoga teacher, a licensed massage therapist, holistic nutritionist, a certified health & life coach. 

I started this company April 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, two months before graduating Health Coach Institute in June 2020. 

My insatiable desire to inspire physical health, optimal vitality and mental peace to all of humanity drove me to fulfilling my wildest dreams during this pandemic!!! 

By the end of 2021… I had hosted a sold out yoga retreat in Costa Rica & manifested a $100K year doing what I love! 

A 6-figure year teaching yoga, healing, vibing, spiritual coaching & dancing w/ my soul sisters in the jugnle… FINALLY became my reality! 

I was living the DREAM! 

Then it all came crashing down in the most intense way and I lost everything. 

I went through a greif induced mental break down and my entire life took a huge hit. It was a full blown mental break down!

I expeinced the WORST anxiety of my life. Crippling fear that caused me to go into full blown panick attacks and trauma states. 

It was a mix of absolute terror and full blown depression that made me feel like I couldn't get out of bed & didn't want to face life. 

I can definitely say it was the hardest time of my life! I felt sooo defeated, exhausted run down and like a complete failure in life. 

During that time I sabotaged my romantic relationship, my business success, friendships and professional relationships. 

But through all of it, I clung to my spiritual practices like I never had before and was able to make it out mentally stronger then EVER before! 

I am back to building a powerful & financially successful spiritual business. I have a dream relationship with positive Indian man that is also plant based like me.

I am mentslly stable, I don't suffer from the up & down anymore. 

It inspired a new devotion for me in this lifetime.

I hope to light up as many people as I can. I hope to help them women embody their fiercest self.

So they can turn their breakdowns into powerful breakthroughs!

Through my devotion I courageously share all Sage knowledge I have received.

It is my wish & blessing that every being on the planet live in mental peace & freedom!

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Are you ready to become your highest self? To embody the Goddess you aspire to be? 

Hit me up boo!

(619) 806-6671

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