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My name is Denise. I'm a #visionary

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Instructor & Yoga Retreat Leader!

I work with spiritual women who feel trapped by fear, confusion and burnt out by a life that lacks passion and meaning. 

I help them embody their most confident self and get on path to fulfilling their Dharma, their soul's purpose!

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My name is Denise Massey. I’m a Dharma Coach, Yogi & Retreat Leader.

I am a #visionary and I am the owner of this spiritual wellness company, Sage Secrets Inc.

I started this company April 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, two months before graduating Health Coach Institute in June 2020. 

My insatiable desire to inspire physical health, vitality and mental peace to all of humanity drove me to fulfilling my wildest dreams during this pandemic!!! 

By the end of 2021… I had hosted a sold out yoga retreat in Costa Rica & manifested a $100K year doing what I love! 

A 6-figure year teaching yoga, healing, vibing, coaching & cooking w/ my soul sisters… FINALLY became my reality! 

It took a lot of focus, dedication & hard work. It didn’t come easy.

I took advantage of every single opportunity that came my way.

Including $20k in small business grants I found for single female entrepreneurs. 

I showed up, did the work, busted my ass, taught yoga classes & workshops every opportunity I could.

At one point I was teaching 12 classes to groups of 15-40 people each time. 

I had to hold firm on my boundaries & go without money for a lot of 2020. I had to cut out all the people that told me I couldn’t sell during a pandemic. 

I hosted a donation based park yoga class for 1 year straight unless it rained.

I showed up hard for my community during this crisis and I got rewarded for that consistency. 

I have a thirst for knowledge and live a very exciting, active, healthy & spiritual lifestyle.

Within the past 15 years I’ve traveled all over the world to learn many’s different forms of healing & spiritual modalities. 

I’ve been in search of a new perspective & devotion for this lifetime.

I hope to light up as many people as I can. I hope to help them embody their fiercest self!  

Through devotion I courageously share all Sage knowledge I have received on my travels & journeys.

It is my wish & blessing that every being on the planet get on path to fulfilling their Dharma, their souls mission!!!

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I teach ancient wisdom in a contemporary way!



Are you ready to become your highest self? To embody the Goddess you aspire to be? 

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