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My 90 days with Denise wasn't only a body transformation, it was also a spiritual, mental, soul-searching journey.

I'm a Type 2 Diabetic and never came to grips with it. Just took my meds and tried to watch what I ate without any real guidance. I didn't have motivation to get out of bed, to get out of the house to be active. Denise came into my life when I least expected it. I realized she was someone who could help me become a better version of myself. To my surprise, she had Diabetic Health Coach training from Dr. Brian Mowll. She provided me with info and handouts that helped me tremendously. After 90 days, I was able to bring my A1C 1 whole point to under goal! - this was huge for me. I also lost 17 pounds! I'm so happy that I can fit into a cute vintage dress that's been hanging in my closet for 2 years!

Denise guides through a holistic view. She guided me to make small changes with my diet, activity and mindset every week. She kept me accountable with her weekly calls and follow-up emails. She also focused on my why and helped me discover reasons why I fell into some unhealthy habits. Now, I get out of bed around 6:30am every morning to either go on my morning nature walks or take my boxing/MMA classes. She motivated me to start small and I now have sustainable, healthy routines. After just 90 days, I have the motivation and energy to keep up with my husband and kids. I am now: more present, energized, still soul-searching, but I am transformed. Thank you for everything you do and everything you are, Denise! Thank you so much for entering my life when you did.

Cheryl Naigs


I met Denise in July of 2020, I joined her last Reset Cleanse.

Since then I have lost 35 pounds and changed the ENTIRE TRAJECTORY of my life! 

I was smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, eating a lot of sugar and processed foods. 

I wasn’t moving her body much at all and I had never done yoga before. 

I suffered from bad stomach pain because I am allergic to gluten but still eating it.

I had a hard time saying no to people and found myself chronically burnt out at the end of my days and weeks. 

Even though I knew what her body needed the compulsions and emotional eating felt out of control.

Since working with Denise I've given up smoking and coffee for good, I no longer binge on cookies and food to relieve stress.

I've reignited old passions like tennis, long distance biking and hiking, she does healthy movement about 6 times a week. 

I have a very strong personal boundaries now which allows me to practice daily spiritual rituals and yoga at least twice a week.

I am blown away at the life I have now. I always wanted this life and thought I should ans could be doing these things but it's actually a reality. 

Heather Sander Heinz


I participated in Denise's "New Year's Cleanse" in January 2020, not knowing what to expect.  WOW!  I came out the other side a transformed person in only 14 short days!  My physical body was detoxed and renewed from the inside out, I shed 7 pounds, and have kept many of the healthy habits, foods, and recipes in my daily life even today, 6 months later.  I highly recommend following the program as closely as you possibly can for the maximum emotional, spiritual and physical benefits.  With Denise's lovely voice and ancient wisdom in my ears, I truly found this to be a life-changing experience.  My mind, body, and soul were cleansed, nourished, and healed.  Give it a try!

Rachel Millstone